Our Vision

Humayun Chemicals set out to build up a leading supplier of chemicals to industrial concerns of the area.
A supplier who meets customer’s needs, with quality and low cost. This was a self-commitment and is paying off…

Our Mission

Humayun Chemicals’ mission is to deliver the highest value to its customers by providing the best of the best, in line with the customers’ demand. Humayun Chemicals will always strive to surpass its competitors by continuous improvement in all aspects and in the process will make every effort to become the most respected and trusted supplier of chemicals of the region.

Awesome Services

Delivering you with the best services that makes business turns into long term business relationships.

Experienced Team

With over 64 years of experiens on our back we are providing the best services that helping us stiving for growth.

Customer Services

Customers are always our priority. We provide live support for our respectable customers.

Diverse Range

Humayun Chemicals is serving different industring by providing more than 500 different products.
Humayun Chemicals history


Humayun Chemicals was formed on November 21st 1982, with a strong commitment to serving its industrial customers with an innovative diversified range of high quality chemical raw materials along with very efficient and personalized service.
In the beginning, we had a limited range of chemicals to offer to our VALUED CUSTOMERS. As our reputation grew, different customers asked us to supply chemicals to them. In the process we. Continued to increase the range of chemicals in our stocks.



ALHAMDULILLAH over these precious years, every passing day has brought Humayun Chemicals more closer to its customer. We now understand our customers’ requirements even better and therefore can offer them their preferred raw material at very competitive prices on flexible delivery schedules. This gradual expansion of our oirginal business has given us greater confidence. Thus, by the grace of ALLAH, we are now one of the largest suppliers of chemicals. This did not happen suddenly but came through sheer hard work, providing high stand chemicals and giving very special, consistent and proficient service.


Today, we have the pleasure to offer Industrial chemicals as well as Specialty Chemicals to the major sectors of the industry such as Engineering, Chemicals Manufacturing, Food Processing, Dairy Centre, Leather & Rubber Factory, Paint and Coating, Paper Industry, Photography, Printing Unit, Textile, Weaving Centre, Pesticides, Agriculture and Pharmaceutical from retail to bulk quantities.


Above all we're super cool dudes

  • Humayun Chemicals red squre


    Experts are here to inspire you

  • Humayun Chemicals red squre


    Experts are here to inspire you

  • Humayun Chemicals red squre


    Experts are here to inspire you

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