We have the pleasure to offer chemicals to the major sectors of the industry.
Leather and Textile

Very large variety of chemicals are used in textiles and clothing. Some are used to give the product certain effects. For example, biocides to stop mould from growing on shoes, dyes to give clothes their specific colours, and water repellents to make outdoor wear more practical.

Sometimes special chemicals are added to ensure that the clothes will not become creased or mildewy during long periods of transport. Some clothes and shoes contain bacteria-killing agents to combat bad odor. Textiles can also contain oils and greases, starch, sulphonated oils, waxes and some surfactants.

Textiles for clothes are also sometimes finished with chemicals, like to stiffen them and make them wrinkle-free. Chemicals in their nanoforms are helping make textiles more resistant to water, stains, wrinkles, bacteria and mould.

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