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Paint and Coating

Paint and coating contain various components like:

  • Pigments to transmit colour and opacity
  • Blinders or polymer, also known as resin, it forms a matrix to hold the pigment in place.
  • The Extender is the larger pigment particles use to strengthen the film as well as improve adhesion and save the binders.
  • Solvent (or thinner) is an organic solvent. Further, its use is in reducing the viscosity of the paint for smooth application.
  • Additives are in use to change the properties of liquid paints as well as dry film.

Depending on the types of Paint and Coating and intended use, additives include:

  • Dispersants are in use to separate and stabilize pigment particles
  • Silicones are used to improve weather resistance
  • Thixotropic agents are used to giving paints a jelly-like consistency that breaks down to a liquid when stirred or when a brush is dipped into it
  • Driers – to accelerate drying time
  • Anti-settling agents are in use for preventing pigment settling.
  • Bactericides are in use to preserve water-based paints in the can
  • Fungicides and algaecides used to protect exterior paint films against disfigurement from molds, algae, and lichen.

Formulation of paints are according to their proposed use – primer, undercoat, special finishes (matt, gloss, heat resistance, anti-corrosion, abrasion resistance). The break down of pigment powder is into individual particles. They are coated and dispersed in the binder (resin) – known as ‘wetting out’. Moreover, the addition of solvents gives the required consistency. In addition, each batch of ingredients is thoroughly mix in large, stirring containers with the require additives.

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